40+ Content Marketing Stats and facts

We surveyed 1,500 marketers and pulled together the most impactful content marketing facts and statistics for this year.

2 min readApr 17, 2022

For example: 72% of surveyed companies plan to increase their content marketing budgets. (Should your business do the same?)

40+ Content Marketing Stats and facts

This article also shares:

  • The #1 content type that’s working best for businesses right now
  • The best-performing content distribution channels
  • The top three content marketing tactics companies succeed with
  • And much more.

All to help you plan and execute an effective content marketing strategy. Check out our full list of content marketing facts and stats.

We surveyed 1,500 marketers to uncover what role content marketing plays in their day-to-day ops. We looked at more than 20 industries and collected data from 40+ countries to summarize the landscape of content marketing.

Content Marketing Success Factors

  • 78% of brands that were successful with content in 2021 have a documented content marketing strategy.
  • 73% of them spent 10% to 70% of their total marketing budget on content marketing.
  • 46% of them increased their paid content promotional budget in 2021.

Content Marketing Budgets

  • 72% of companies plan to increase their content marketing budget in 2022
  • 53% of companies that spent less than 55 of their marketing budget on content didn’t succeed with content marketing.

The Importance of Content Audits

  • 65% of successful brans run content audits more than twice a year.
  • 46% of companies who never run content audits failed.

Successful Tactics

  • 55% Focused on improving content quality
  • 46% Made SEO a priority
  • 41% created more video and visual content

Which Tactics helped you the most to make your Content Strategy Successful? Other tactics that companies successfully implemented:

  • Improving the quality of our content: 55%
  • Search engine optimization: 46%
  • Creating more video and visual content: 41%
  • Updating and repurposing existing content: 38%
  • Website optimization: 35%
  • Analyzing competitors’ content: 28%
  • Researching our audience / optimizing the customer journey: 26%
  • Publishing more “How to” and educational content: 25%
  • Adapting to COVID-related changes (e.g., agility): 24%
  • Diversification / publishing new content types: 24%
  • Collaborating with other teams (e.g., sales): 22%
  • Optimizing content for mobile: 21%
  • Trying new distribution channels: 20%
  • Collaborating more with industry influencers: 14%

Top Content Marketing Challenges

  • 41% Have difficulty attracting quality leads with content
  • 39% Cannot generate enough traffic with content
  • 31% Struggle to create content that resonates with their audience

High Performers: Content Types

  • Video: 37%
  • Blog posts: 36%
  • Success stories: 22%
  • Case studies: 16%

Top Channels for Content Distribution and Promotion

  • Social media (organic): 69%
  • Email marketing: 48%
  • Social media (paid): 48%
  • Organic search: 44%

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