Book Summary: Stolen Focus by Johann Hari

Our attention spans are shrinking as a result of our accelerated pace of life and speed of communication.

2 min readApr 4, 2022

Stolen Focus (2022) begins with author Johann Hari experiencing a common problem: his attention span is diminishing. He can’t seem to focus on much outside of Twitter and online news. Over three years, Hari tries to identify the root causes of this problem. He uncovers a collective attention crisis that’s affecting the entire globe. From social media to the culture of productivity, Hari identifies the culprits behind our stolen focus — and wonders if, and how, we can claim it back.

Book Summary: Stolen Focus by Johann Hari
Book Summary: Stolen Focus by Johann Hari

Content Summary

Who is it for?
What’s in it for me? The tale of how we lost the ability to focus — and how we can get it back.
It’s not just you — everyone is struggling to focus.
Apps and online platforms are addictive by design, not by accident.
Algorithms privilege outrage over community.
Ditch multitasking — recovering focus is about finding flow.
We can get our attention back.
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Who is it for?

  • Anyone who feels like they just can’t concentrate the way they used to
  • Multitaskers with brimming to-do lists who still feel like they don’t get much done
  • Anyone scrolling through social media while they’re reading this!


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