How to Boost Productivity of Telecommuting Team

Team members must remain engaged without anyone looking over their shoulder or in constant contact with managers and colleagues.

1 min readApr 5, 2022

These distance teams bring many new opportunities for businesses. But many business owners feel lost in space or on a remote island. Also, many business managers feel a loss of control and they really fear that productivity will decrease and they would not be able to take countermeasures if they see their employees less or not at all.

How to Boost Productivity of Telecommuting Team
How to Boost Productivity of Telecommuting Team

It is often assumed that the use of some kind of management tool is sufficient for a remote team to work together productively. The right tools are important. However, leading a team remotely places completely new demands on everyone that go far beyond the use of tools.

This article briefly describes the importance of the tasks for managing a productive remote team.

Content Summary

Set clear goals
Define roles, responsibilities, and structures
Check the performance
Create values ​​and meaning with your team
Use the right tools for different communication occasions
Establish guidelines for communication and collaboration with your team in a team agreement