How to Improve Customer Agent Workflow Efficiency

How to seamlessly provide both customers and agents with the right experience during unexpected busy periods and shopping surges, Meeting Expected and Unexpected Surges in Customer Support.

2 min readMar 31, 2022
How to Improve Customer Agent Workflow Efficiency
How to Improve Customer Agent Workflow Efficiency

With the number of digital buyers growing every year, it is important that businesses can maintain a great customer experience (CX) where customers continue to feel valued and understood.

To ensure your business is prepared for peak purchasing times, spikes in after-sale queries, and customer service requests, discover four best practices for how customer service teams can respond to minimise customer and agent disruption.

Explore this insightful article to learn:

  • How to achieve positive CX that promotes customer loyalty, helps businesses attract new customers, and encourages brand advocacy.
  • Tactics that can improve customer agent workflow efficiency beforehand, during, and after peak shopping periods.
  • How to motivate customer agent teams and boost morale during stressful times.
  • Benchmarking metrics to ensure your business is prepared for shopping spikes the following year.

Content Summary

Step 1: Anticipate your customers’ needs & provide transparent, accessible information.
Step 2: Empower your agents with the right tools and technology to offer excellent support.
Step 3: Measure your performance to come back stronger next season.
Step 4: Ensure your agents are happy & motivated.


With online shopping reaching new heights, every year brings new sales milestones. All evidence suggests that this year might be no different in shattering norms.

While you prepare for record-breaking sales, make sure to also brace yourself for returns, after-sales queries, and increased customer service requests.

Here are four steps you can take for happier agents and more satisfied customers — even at the peak of this eventful time.